PROMOOR believes that the most important factor in its business is its staff. Hence, recruitment of staff is made rigorous and competitive to ensure that only the best are finally selected. Staff employed by the company is provided with the requisite training to competently and safely execute the assigned job. Training program and plans are put in place to ensure that competent workforce that will satisfy the manpower requirement in the short, medium and long term, and that will be pre-active to changes in time or legislation or industry standard.

PROMOOR is a product of quality and excellent services, good health, safety and environment culture. To promote this in our operations, the company has in place Quality Assurance and HSE Policies and guidelines that guide our day-to-day activities including the following:

Food Handling
Transport Policy
Health policy
Alcohol & Drug Policy
Smoking Policy
Waste Disposal Policy
Quality Management Policy
Communication & Information Policy
Environment Policy
Personal Protective Equipment Policy
Training Policy
Community Affair Policy
Emergency Response Policy
Quality Assurance Policy
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