Depending upon when the client may want the company to come in, either from the hotel building construction stage to render professional structural advices to the engineers or at the finishing stage of which ever, Promoor have adequate manpower to handle and effectively execute appropriately the necessary services expected.


Promoor effectively manages the hotels awarded to us for a given period of time. Our services standout defined. Since we manage hotel, the issue of mismanagement, running down capital wise is thus eliminated because the client and the company have agreed amount to be paid for a specified period of time and this does not depend upon operation, whether the company losses at any given period, this does not affect the client mode of payment whose property is being managed.


The company management extends total manpower deployment from the head to the last staff in the Hotel services Vie managing Director, manager, secretary, accountant, chef, cook, store personnel and laundry personnel etc. all these and their work function defined.


Since promoor has strong customer base in the oil and Gas, the hotel awarded to us provides land accommodation to our client and this gives us aid over our competitors in the hotel industry and help us to meet our target.                  



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