PROMOOR has the following business strategies, which form the core of its management and operational processes.

Every year, a business plan is prepared to cover each area of present operation and each envisaged new operations and projects expected for the year. The business plan for each location and project shall set out the operational procedures, strategy, targets costs, business improvement plans, periodical performance review, uses and sourcing of funds, quality of HSE matters, and any other important plan for the year. These will form the benchmark for performance review. Business plans are jointly prepared by the Board of Directors and the Senior Management Personnel Committee.



BEST performances have been achieved where targets are set. PROMOOR has recognized this and gone further by always inquiring from our clients what their expectations are. This aids the company in setting some of its own target in line with the clients’ expectation.

EACH year targets are set to cover a wide range of areas in our operations e.g., costs, sourcing of materials, facilities and equipment maintenance, personnel matters, quality consistency, HSE, service time delivery, community and public affairs and any other important matter. Targets are set by Senior Management under the supervision of the operation Manager and the Managing Director.

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Our farm contributes 40% percent of our catering operation which gives aid over competition in favour of the clients.